Neasu 黔西彝

Language 语言:Neasu 黔西彝语
ISO639-3: yig
Glottolog: nesu1235
Family 语系:Tibeto-Burman 藏缅语系
Place 地方:Bìjíe Prefecture 毕节地区
Population 人口:500,000

Introduction 介绍

This edition of the New Testament is the first portion of the Holy Scriptures ever translated in the Neasu language. A new Romanized script was specially devised as the Neasu language was previously only oral. The Neasu (Yi nationality) who number about 500,000 people share the same area in Western Guizhou as the Ahmao people (Miao nationality). While the embrace of the Christian faith by the Ahmao people was publicized 100 years ago, little is known about the Neasu people who also converted in large numbers. The only difference between both groups is that no portion of the Scriptures was translated into the Neasu language … until 2018, one century after the Ahmao New Testament appeared. On this site, users can access the New Testament as text application, and download it as e-book. Furthermore, interactive Israel and Mediterranean maps allow users to track ancient places by the Bible verses which mention these places.