Nuosu 凉山彝

Language 语言:Nuosu 凉山彝语
ISO639-3: iii
Glottolog: sich1238
Family 语系:Tibeto-Burman 藏缅语系
Place 地方:Liángshān Yí Autonomous Prefecture 凉山彝族自治州
Population 人口:2,000,000

Introduction 介绍

The Nuosu who count more than 2,000,000 people live in the south of Sichuan province and form the largest component of the Yi nationality. The Nuosu lived in relative isolation for centuries and had few contacts with the Chinese before 1950, which is reflected by the low number of Chinese loanwords. This New Testament was first published in 2005 and then revised in 2009. The scriptures are edited in the traditional logographic script, which was standardized by the Chinese Government in 1978. On this site, users can access the New Testament as integrated text and audio application, and download it as audio- and e-book. Furthermore, interactive Israel and Mediterranean maps allow users to track ancient places by the Bible verses which mention these places.